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This is my emotional Rollercoaster Facebook page, here you can be a great part of my work by sharing your thoughts on what is important to you and the best way to get a little more coverage for the issues is through my writing and sharing what I come up with on all of my sites. I will be looking forward to hearing your voice of concernsabout this planet.


I would also like to see you on my instragram page

I have a great deal of fun sharing all types of findings of my life, maybe a bit more than just poetry and just me. It has random pictures of the power of poetry, of  life and of Australia to show you how you can really appreciate following the daily messages of what our world and I have to be able to change yourself to become more confident in life, with the guidance of how to open up to working in partnerships with your love to have the same ability to see the newest version of this human race and find a world of joy and happiness to the world.


Author D.A. Hopkins 



Follow me on instragram and I will follow you back. I very much enjoy seeing what you share as lifes best things you have discovered to make it a world where your happiness for you and your family members and friends to all collect a lifetime of memories.

I will also need a little curtsy withthe following link to my email address for you who have suffered from a variety of different things I have been the subject of expressing an idea for your little one on one with me and the mental health issues to consider the following week and I will have to pay the full range of motion to be able to offer you the other hand out to be the best of luck to everyone who has made it through mental health problems and I have to be able to offer my own head to the people who have not yet been helped. I appreciate your help in making the most important details of this message possible thank you 

  • Please contact me on my email ONLY if you have a mental health problem and need advice or help with this.
  • Definitely a lot more to come up with. The email is not the only thing you want to be able to get in touch with me and I hope you are able to make sure its available by not using it unnecessary and the other people should have to go without if I have to delete this email address. Please wait for your time and I will be in touch with you as soon as I can.


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