How to Become a Children’s Author

I have been trying to get some real information about writing a children’s book but I have no ideas of how to make sure i have the most perfect start to inspire and excit young imaginations. I have been enjoying your advice and I will be

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

If you want to publish a book for children, the first thing you must do is ask yourself why.

Is your motivation to publish a kid’s book one of the following?

  • Your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews/neighbors/students love a story you’ve written.
  • It would be fun to see your name in print.
  • You want to sign autographs.
  • You want to make money, quickly.
  • You want your artist cousin/sister/friend to illustrate it.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, please read this post. I write this to save you a lot of time and frustration. Because it’s not an easy business. NOT. EASY. AT. ALL.

New writers often believe they can pen one story in an hour or two, never revise it, yet somehow land an agent and a publishing deal—-as if the simple act of writing begets publication.

Hitting one baseball does not mean the Yankees will draft you. Likewise, writing…

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On my Illustrator search

I have been to the site and I have a few more views it is now at 7950 for a poem that I have had little more than 15 minutes to write a year in the right place and wow what a difference

I am a writing and love your feeds on Instagram and I am looking for an illustrator for a lifetime of books to be published in the series of spairies. I will start with the design of books a small amount. ‘Spairies’ are cross between a fairy and a spider and I have to share this idea of her as being elegant and I still have my own ideas before its ever a final product, as the last big issue is that she is an Australian born and I am not finding a way around this. I have created her, the time that’ll look like a final stage of her creation is unknown but I’m looking. I have also been the main focus of how she’s going to make contact with the child and decided she will be a ladybug and doesn’t turn into a spairie until the right time for the story. I will be addressing issues ie: childhood bullying, internet, new arrivals, simple siblings being born and most other things a grade 2-4 child will come across. I will be in need of an illustrator for a lifetime commitment to the book series that will never be able to change after or the perfect spairies will not be the same. I look forward to hearing back from you and I am not booked with illustrators as yet to be a kind friend in regards for your reply.
Please reply via the following email address thanks.

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