On my Illustrator search

I have been to the site and I have a few more views it is now at 7950 for a poem that I have had little more than 15 minutes to write a year in the right place and wow what a difference

I am a writing and love your feeds on Instagram and I am looking for an illustrator for a lifetime of books to be published in the series of spairies. I will start with the design of books a small amount. ‘Spairies’ are cross between a fairy and a spider and I have to share this idea of her as being elegant and I still have my own ideas before its ever a final product, as the last big issue is that she is an Australian born and I am not finding a way around this. I have created her, the time that’ll look like a final stage of her creation is unknown but I’m looking. I have also been the main focus of how she’s going to make contact with the child and decided she will be a ladybug and doesn’t turn into a spairie until the right time for the story. I will be addressing issues ie: childhood bullying, internet, new arrivals, simple siblings being born and most other things a grade 2-4 child will come across. I will be in need of an illustrator for a lifetime commitment to the book series that will never be able to change after or the perfect spairies will not be the same. I look forward to hearing back from you and I am not booked with illustrators as yet to be a kind friend in regards for your reply.
Please reply via the following email address thanks.


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