I have to share with you my writing and I still share with my other sites. So how do I recruit a following on WordPress like I do feel like I’m waiting my time and follow the other sites to be more contacted. Let me in on any advice to be heard. 

Thanks  #poetry #writerslife #wednesdayMadness #helpme #amwriting


4 thoughts on “HELLO ANYONE AROUND 

  1. I loved your work. I recommend you put out some of your work and allow it to attract readers. I believe writers must network and share their work. If you read and write a lot. More people will read and love your work. I repost the good poetry on my site. Room for a billion writers.

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    1. Thanks for sharing. I think I just have a better understanding of Instagram and I have a lot of readers as well. I am just tired of running around all the sites to make sure no one misses out😍

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    2. I am on Instagram, here, Facebook x3, the other WordPress account, LinkedIn, wattpad and I float around the internet with my add for Emotional Rollercoaster and its endless places to be at the same level of perfection

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