Hello, hello, hello

Good morning I just love the off seasons. Not to hot and not to cold I find writing comes to me a lot easier when I have the opportunity to go anywhere to be inspired to write. I would like to hear your best inspiration places. I love sitting on the banks of the river listening to the birds and with the off seasons I am not interupted by to many people enjoying the great outdoors. I have enjoyed siting in the car in the middle of no-where listening to my Rob Thomas cd and start writing anything that comes out and it usually is the poem I have most success with. I post them on poetrysoup and my 1st one that suprised me was poverty defines true wealth and it has recieved over 7700 views. Thank you for all the support it has been very overwhelming as I really did not believe in myself that much. I have published a complete collection of all my best or should I say, my most comfortable to share and not be regected as a writer streight of the mark. Please share my name with your friends, family and teachers (love to be in the English lesson). Libaries local book shops if they even exsist these days. I would be happy to send signed copies to whom ever suggests to me they want one. Google play store now has it to download at as little as about $5 last time I looked. Friend interested in reading and there birthday is coming up buy them a copy on any book website, do shop around it veries a lot in price.

#poetry #writerslife #books #australian #love


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