Book publication is finally here

Things to know about me if you are joining the team. I have the mouth of a curser and the Australian diction is not always correct, Well not if I don’t want it to be.

My story is long and full of activity, so buckle up for the ride of your life.

The future will detect any weak minded and any tuff as guts followers will enjoy my querky company. I live the way this life has taught me to. Hard and fast. lol, no just kidding. I only live fast to keep up with lifes curveballs. There is a quiet chapter  written within this world for me somewhere,  this is what I need to believe in or whatever would keep me going for another 40years this way.

Contact me at my Facebook page and get more information about my life and my book. I will also be posting new poetry and as life is full of emotions can I get a little info on your own life and I will try to write about the important stuff you are looking at. So drop by and let me know about yourself and your taste in the poets….

#poetry #writerslife #emotionalrollercoaster 


#sharewithme #news


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