And now to the real me

The Mrs D.A Hopkins is a suprise to what you first thought was a good idea, but I am telling you what you have asked me to tell you, about lifes challenges, my troubled life and its issues and just about everything that I have to share. I dealt with unfortunately somethings that you dont want to hear and then other things you find amazing. I have been through just about everything this life chose for me. I now had plenty of writing materiel. I could of had more than I most I know so becoming an author was inevitable. I am able to write in rhymes for you to know the survival skills. Such a shock when thoughts of myself in a musician life, you should know Its a real suprise, to be a lyricist *st@£#t are you fir real my poem, transformed by Diamond Garden Music producers, in Nashville Tn. To continue I’m spreading here in my crippled and pain staking new lifestyle, the joy through escaping with my rhyming, know matter how small her world was, no matter how loud her cries were right there in each of her lines, writen within a rhyming disguise, or is it to you just another successful way in poetry. The only way to get your own ideas as there are other important factors before you can see her world, words see depth, and this is possible throug words and creative imagination and the placement of emotional connections. simple things that everyone in the world can understand. I despise those writers who only write to show off how smart and pompous they are, but by not writing in a language for everyone to enjoy, well I don’t know how that is seen as success. But think I’m going to share with you my inner most brilliant and the odd sexual dark secrets. I can be a bit of a whopping mad Australian at times. I like to give all my personalities a chance to get fresh air. As steady as a mountain and sincere heart that wonders throughout her days, some will touch your heart, and some will make you laugh so hard, you’ll actually pee your pants a little, So however you indulge into the book; its looking to raise those little hair on the back of your neck. This is however what the comments box is for, I’d love to hear what you felt (I strongly recommend giving it a shot. I live for suggestions. I do alway love to give a little smile as I pass. I have to site wonder U didn’t know you where here). I have been the subject of many issues that have also affected many of my readers, it’s for those people out there to be able to give them an ear to listen and then help you find a way to work out that the entire world doesn’t entirely suck, but the best way is to add a new friend. (Me) Most importantly, remember to be honest and trust that in time, all those years will become moments in the past. Of coarse it can only begin after you get the 1st words to come out, its a lot easier from there. I will be available for a future friend towards a healthier and happier way of life. I have a great love for my ever growing family and the rest of my life is a great way to say the crappie shit does happen but meh,life is made of all the parts I’m dealt. The key process is a great deal of positive words, and of course lots of little grandchildren, family, and friends. I could go on and on but the list is your life choices. I will have to ask for you to also have a list of things that do the opposite. The list of subjects and info for your own lifewill only work. I will help towards getting you started to make the difference in your shitty life so first take the 1st step and with your best step forwad and together we begin.


I am 42 years old and I’m an Australian through and through. I have 6 children and 6 grandchildren. The issues of a few changes to the comforts of family have been a long time over due with the dilemma of my second eldest Emily-Jo has been banished from my family life whch has found new breathing space to become me and who is inside dying to write the story behind the person you all see. I have had to bring the same ammendments to Hannabelle as well. I am no longer available for them to push around and she’s no longer allowed to continue the same amount of discussing verbal attacks on me. I have a loving husband, I have been the most important part of his world and he mine.

My writing career almost got ripped away before it had begun when I was involved in a car accident with 2 of my daughter’s, by the grace of God with whatever his purpose is for me in this world, Her I am 3 years later and I’m still recovering from the mangled mess I was. The only thing you can expect from me is what we all need, a bit of fun, a lot of love, and the blessings of family and friends. I will hold a place for you too if you wish to be part of this fun, loving, a fair bit rude, and a huge dollop of soulful music and wild imaginations with a fair big dab of crazy. This is the perfect blend for a lifetime of memories to treasure. 😜 bio.

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