And now to the real me

Mrs D.A Hopkins is a suprise to many & a very strong woman as you will discover, but with the challenges life for me became what most see as a troubled life, with issues day after day whether or not I’d ended the tasks before. I dealt with an unfortunate upbringing you may connect with some of the more personal poetry & there are other things you will simply find amazing.

I have been through just about everything this life has chosen to throw at me & I am still up & fighting ready for what comes next.

I got through terrible things life can throw & how I survived brought me plenty of writing materiel.

I know I’ve been through more than most, but sharing my pain to help others understand has always been my nature, so becoming an author was inevitable.

I was mucking around & shared a poem with a couple of music companies, now is the real suprise, really my poem to be transformed into a song by Diamond Garden Music, Nashville Tn.

To a new lifestyle while I’ve been recovering from a car accident that left me very beaten up & fighting to keep my writing arm as I had only just begun my career as an author. The joy of escaping into my rhymes, no matter how small, no matter how loud, her cries were right there, in each & every line. writen within her rhyming disguise.

The only way to get your own ideas as there are other important factors before you can see her world, words see depth & this is possible through words & creative imagination.

Simple things that everyone in the world can understand simple, but not loosing the importance of the message it’s delivering.

I despise writers who only write only to show off how smart they think they are, but by not writing in a simpler language everyone can enjoy, how do you archive success?

Here I am going to share with you my inner, most brilliant & there may be the odd dark sexual secrets.

I like to give all my personalities a chance to get fresh air & share a little while there out.

I’m as steady as a mountain & with a sincere heart as we wonder throughout the days, some will touch your heart, & others will make you laugh so hard you’ll pee a little.

So however you indulge yourself searching for that book that raises the little hairs on the back of your neck to stand up.

This is how what you write in the comments box is indeed important to what us writers look at to decide what kind of book is going to sell & how it can help authors with touch of writers block to proceed.

(I recommend giving a little back to your favorite author).

I have been the subject of many childhood issues & as I come to discover the entire world doesn’t entirely suck, but the best way is to help you with my writing skills.

Please remember to be honest & trust that in time, what is consuming you now, tomorrow it will become moments of your past. However it is a lot easier with

I have a great love for my ever growing family.

The rest of my life would be great to say the crappie shit doesn’t happen anymore, but meh. The key process is a great deal of positive words & of course lots of little grandchildren, family & friends.

I could go on & on but the list continues to grow with new decision & new endings.

The list of subjects & information for your own life will come down to your own life & how you challenge the same issues I have shared.

I will help towards getting you started, how you make the difference in your shitty life & take you to take the biggest step, that 1st step & with your best step forward together we can begin your journey towards finding your end


I am a 42 year old woman.

Australian born & bred.

I have 6 children & 6 grandchildren.

The issues surrounding a few changes in my family & my disowning one of my own children had been a long-time over due. My second eldest, ‘Emily-Jo’ has been removed from the dedication in Emotional Rollercoaster, a collection of poems & when it’s republished it will not be included. Shes no longer in my life until she can apologise to myself & others for her treatment & fo harshly spoken words to many family members.

I’ve become more aware of who I am & who I want to be inside & out.

I do plan to write a story on the woman behind the poet.

That is about Emotional Rollercoaster, escaping hell which is after Emotional Rollercoaster, finding light.

I have a loving husband, but currently we are having a few marital issues which has lead to him moving into his own place while we work it out.

My writing career almost ended before it ever begun. I was involved in a car accident with 2 of my daughter’s in March 2014, its only by the will of grace I’m still here. 4 years later I’m still recovering from the mangled mess it made of me, but I can now see an end of in the distance to all my pain.

The only thing you can expect from me is what we all need, a bit of fun, a lot of love, & blessings from family & friends & a little bit of crazy never hurt anyone 😉

I’m a loving & a fair bit on the happy rude side of life.

Follow my wild imagination you will begin to see the real side of D.A. Hopkins & find out ways to getting through lifes issues. 💜💜💜💞📚📖

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